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Cycling is a form of Meditation. It clears your mind and gives you positivity. Once you start enjoying cycling, its a great 'FUN' to pedal for food rides, explore historical monuments, gossip with friends and also share thoughts with each other.

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Ridethone Events

Test your limits

Ridethone, this is where you take intensity level higher and finish your target in specific time period. Intensity and time are corelated. Two Tyred Riders conduct various Ridethone Events from 120 Km to 600 Km where Experienced riders ride along with you to support you achieve these milestones.

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Endurance Rides

Ride to Explore

Endurance Rides are perfect to explore the world on pedal. Be it a trip to Nepal [Noida to Nepal] or Ride across Noida, Jaipur and Agra famously known as Golden Triangle. If you dream of doing some "Exciting Trips" and are ready to "Explore" TTR is here to make it a possibility.

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