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Published on 2021-01-08T18:25:30 by

Himanshu Raghav

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There was a time when I covered a maximum of 163 kms on saddle and I was in a phase where I eagerly wanted to achieve something different after seeing my office senior and a very enthusiastic cyclist, Hemmanshu doing golden triangle in just 2 days.

He suggested a route from Noida to Nepal along with some motivation which made us go for this once in a lifetime opportunity of an international bicycle trip. It was really difficult to convince my parents but determination paid off well. I was really excited to go beyond my limits. 

So finally, 4 of us, Me, Hemmanshu, Dheeraj and Pranjal planned the ride. Dheeraj and Hemmanshu were the most experienced riders for long distance. Pranjal was a newbie but hats off to his dedication and positive attitude. 


We all started off from Noida on Friday @10pm, a bit late though. Just after a few kms we stopped for diner at Bikanervala on NH-24. We all had an over-eating in excitement which made it difficult for a few kms. But, we picked up speed soon enough while swishing through traffic. We were all so amazed to see that Pranjal was pedalling tirelessly.




We looked out for hotels on our way to get some rest after 80-90kms. We all rested at a hotel @3.30 am and started our new day at 5am on Saturday. We were at a better speed than yesterday. Best part of this journey was that we were stopping to eat whatever seems yummy on the way.

Before turning towards Rampur, we took a wrong turn and it got on our nerves as we had to climb all the way from an underpass to flyover on cleats by carrying cycles on our shoulders or go back 5-6 kms. We dare to be a little adventurous and climbed all the way with each other's help. 

Sun was making our way tougher but we were going firm and smooth with Pranjal as our engine in front. We then stopped for lunch and a few halts. As we were about to reach Khatima, there were few drunk guys who shouted and tried to aware us of a tiger roaming in open a few kms ahead. There was a road full of dense forest on both sides of the road and we all were very much scared. We all decided to go fast and not slow down in any case. We were cruising at around 38-40km/h and crossed it without any issues.

We finally reached Banbasa@ 12.30am after riding almost 330kms. Banbasa is 2 kms before Nepal border where Indian police stopped us from crossing the bridge and asked us to come at 6am. We were so shattered that all our efforts were wasted by his denial of passing that bridge. Me and Hemmanshu decided to go back from here only but Dheeraj was like a disheartened kid who sat by roadside that he really wanted to enter Nepal. Seeing him, we all decided to wait for the morning and visit Nepal.

We came 5-6kms back and stayed at a hotel @2am where I started vomiting due to food poisoning. Took rest and started again @4.30 and police did not stop us at 5am. Finally we entered Nepal and Nepal border police was very friendly. We cycled for around 8kms inside of Nepal and decided to return. We started our return journey @7am on Sunday.


We took a halt at a restaurant and owner was very polite and friendly. He talked about our journey and everything. By chance, Hemmanshu left his Jacket and shop owner, Sardarji came all the way 7-8kms just to gave that jacket to us.

We visited Nanak Matta Gurudwara and it is such a beautiful place with an awesome lake by it's side. I was feeling very lousy as I was exhausted but everyone motivated me a lot.

While reaching Rampur we all were so exhausted due to hot weather that we had a feeling of giving-up but we rested for almost 2 hours at a local shop. There was a road which was in a very bad condition which gave Hemmanshu a severe jerk in elbow and I got a severe backache. We lied down by the roadside and rested until recovered after pain kilers.

We just kept on pedalling and as we were 100kms away from our finish, I had vomiting and a swollen hand at Haldiram's. I took anti-allergic medicines and I was Ok in a while.

Finally, we reached Noida in the morning at 6am on Monday covering 670kms in 56 hours. This was my longest and fun-filled ride of my life which taught me many life lessons.

A Great thanks to Hemmanshu for being the motivation, Dheeraj for entertaining us and Pranjal for being the engine. I am really looking forward to another fun-filled ride like this.

if you wont to live the movemnet again ..feel free to look at this short video