[Virtual Event] Monthly Ridethone: 1000 Kilometers for the month of February 2021

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Terms & Conditions

  • Only activities recorded in Strava will be considered.
  • Manual Rides and Hidden rides will not be taken into consideration
  • All the activities will be auto imported from Strava
  • In order to participate you need to Login into website twotyredriders.com and register for the event 
  • In order to receive eCertificate please update your mobile, phone and address under update profile.
  • In case of any questions do not hesitate to drop email to [email protected] or submit it through contact us form from footer.
  • You can see Leadership Board for the Event page itself.
  • Global Ranking is available under My Statistics Page
  • You can also get connected with us through following channels to get more information.

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Athlete Completed Percentage
Manoj Menon
1691/1000 169%
Vijay Raj
1089/1000 109%
Utsav Kumar
1020/1000 102%
Suraj Mishra
1018/1000 102%
Nitin Srivastava
1016/1000 102%
Vivek Chawdhary
859/1000 86%
Pranav kumar
658/1000 66%
Ravindra Giri
522/1000 52%
Hemmanshu Sethh
420/1000 42%
umang batra
76/1000 8%
Aniessh Sethh
0/1000 0%