Speedethone 25 'Feb 22

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About Event

  1. Launch twotyredriders.club
  2. Click on 'SignUp/Login'
  3. You will be redirected to Strava for login (this is required to auto-import your strava activities)
  4. Once login is successful you will be redirected to  twotyredriders.club
  5. Click on 'Events->On All Going Activities'
  6. Select "[Speedethone |R20|D25|S25|] : 20 Rides of minimum 25 Kilometers at speed of 25Km/h and above in the month of February 2022"
  7. Click on 'Register for Event' tab and register.
  8. On completion you can check your name and status in LeaderBoard

In case of any queries please feel free to contact [email protected]


Athlete Completed Percentage
Anuj Kapoor
20/20 100%
Gaurav Malhotra
6/20 30%
Raghav Malhotra
5/20 25%
Nitin Srivastava
3/20 15%
Partha Sannigrahi
3/20 15%
Hemmanshu Sethh
0/20 0%
Prashant Kumar
0/20 0%